Teo Macero and my father, Orlando DiGirolamo, first met around 1950 when they were both at the Juilliard School in New York City. My dad, who was also known as Lanny DiJay, was a jazz accordionist, and the two of them hit it off immediately. They became great friends, and he played with Teo on some seminal jazz recordings, including the Debut LP, Explorations, with Charles Mingus.

One day, the phone rang at our house, and I picked it up. It was the operator with a person-to-person call from Teo to my dad. I accepted the call...but my dad wasn't home at the time. When Teo discovered this, he proceeded to berate me, and then hung up on me. I was nine. I suppose this film really started then.

The last time Teo and my dad played together was in 1997, at Birdland in NYC. It was a great show -- Adam Holzman on keys, Larry Coryell on guitar, Teo on sax, and Lanny DiJay on accordion. As Teo described it, "we had a helluva sound." I know my father would get such a kick out of seeing me with Teo now, making this film.

Olana DiGirolamo

Play That, Teo - Teo Macero playing piano, with Olana DiGirolamo
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